Tabletop laser micromachining workstation

This easy to use laser workstation is designed using the highest quality components. Furthermore, this platform meets the most exacting standards, but is small and affordable. This was achieved by using just two automated positioning axes, the others being manually adjustable, which is asequate for many surface-based applications. However, this direct drive stage-based system still allows manufacturing of sub 10 micron features. It can be externally combined with almost any DPSS laser source and run with pulse durations from ns to fs range as well as with wavelengths from IR to UV depending on your laser application.  It can also be integrated with your existing laser sources.  As there are only two direct drive axes for system automation, controlled is achieved using industry popular software solutions which are the same as used in mechanical processing CNC machines.

The result is that even non laser experts can operate the system.

bgLAB is a perfect tool for university and high school laboratories as well as for small job shops and startups who are just beginning their journey into the fascinating World of laser manufacturing technology.

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