PULSATE: 1st Adopters Use Cases open call results

PULSATE 1st Open Call for Adopters Use Cases closed on 14 April 2022.

Today we are finally ready to reveal the list of selected beneficiaries that will start the support programme and will receive the grant to assess the feasibility of laser-based technology implementation in their environment.

Most of the winning proposals are related to green economy and sustainable manufacturing, topics that are at the heart of the EC’s focus.

Meet the selected Adopters and their Use Cases:

  1. GRAMLAS is a project created by Dausinger & Giesen GmbH from Germany that is going to develop a Green Additive Manufacturing laser.
  2. BEAM – Boost Effectiveness with Advanced Manufacturing is a proposal by iBreve Limited from Ireland that aims to adopt LBAAM in the manufacturing of personal wearables & medical devices.
  3. RECREA is an application of laser technologies in the repair and overlays of large components developed by HERGOME, S.L. from Spain.
  4. The proposal of Andrási Edina e.v. from Hungary is LCPG – Laser cut elements for the production of customizable porcelain and glass ware.
  5. 3D-Components AS from Norway bring AEROGRAM– Additive manufacturing of complex and lightweight aero-structures using laser.
  6. Italian SPEM S.R.L presents ADI– Additive DeIcing system for aerospace industry.
  7. TATION is a project from Spain, brought by Mobility Ion Technologies SL, aiming at the assessment of the implementation of LBAAM processes in the manufacturing of high-resolution ion mobility in analytical instrumentation.
  8. ABSORPTION is an application of LBAAM in, – Laser beam shaping and automatic part recognition for high speed & quality fuel cell production, proposed by Optoprim Germany GmbH from Germany.
  9. LASER RIBLETS is an Austrian project proposed by Bionic surface technologies GmbH as investigations in microstructures for local flow behaviours produced through laser technique.
  10. REALISM– Laser based manufacturing with eLectrostatic dIScharge Materials is a Portuguese proposal led by Favoritanswer Consultoria Em Engenharia Lda.
  11. MB Proints fromLithuania enters the programme with LAMAS – Laser Additive Manufacturing of Aerodynamic Separator.
  12. StreamOwl Private Company from Greece presented QUADLAM, a Quadcopter frame with Laser Additive Manufacturing.
  13. Weffan Ltdfrom the UK introduces a project connected with the textile industry – Loom-State: 3D Woven Garments .
  14. LADACORis a proposal from Serbia by DOO Relja Junior Zrenjanin: Laser cleaning, drilling and cutting for improvement of market position and business model of Relja company
  15. LEAN – Lightweight End of arm tooling made using laser based Additive manufacturing is presented by Tricon Automation Ireland Ltd.
  16. LF4 – Laser plastic welding is brought by EUROMODEL ENGINEERING SRL, from Italy
  17. Beagle Optics, UAB from Lithuania won their place in the programme with LABOR – Laser based engraving of optical reticles.
  18. MICRORELLEUS from Spain presented Injected MLA manufacturing using femtosecond laser for engraving mould and mask.

Congratulations to all the winners!

What is next?

PULSATE Support Programme for Adopters Use Cases will start in September 2022 and will last for 3 months.

During the programme, selected Use Cases will receive:

  • Up to 25 000 EUR of funding
  • Mentorship from PULSATE Consortium partners in conducting an assessment to confirm technical and business feasibility of implementing laser-based technology in Adopter-specific environment
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